Bronson the 33-Pound Tabby Cat Is on a Strict Diet to Shed Weight

Image via iambronsoncat/Instagram
According to the Daily Mail, Bronson, a 33-pound polydactyl tabby cat, is working towards a healthier weight with the help of his adoptive pet parents who have been tracking Bronson’s progress on Instagram. With his dedicated owners and more than 60,000 followers cheering him on, Bronson’s future is looking brighter and healthier than ever.

Image via iambronsoncat/Instagram
Mike Wilson, 35, and Megan Hanneman, 29, adopted three-year-old Bronson from the West Michigan Humane Society back in May. The couple design cat furniture for a living and went to the shelter expecting to bring a new kitten home. Instead they found Bronson and knew he needed help getting the weight off.

Image via iambronsoncat/Instagram
“When we first saw Bronson, we were shocked because we had never seen a cat his size. He was huge … He really needed help,” says Wilson, according to the Daily Mail.
When they discussed the possibilities of adopting Bronson with the shelter, Wilson says that “luckily they thought we would be a good match for Bronson because of our experience with cats and also what we do for a living.”

Image via iambronsoncat/Instagram
The Daily Mail reported that the shelter volunteers “suspected that Bronson had been overfed several times each day by his owner with high-carb kibble leading to his alarming size.”
“His blood tests revealed that he didn’t have any health problems which would cause this weight gain, so it was just overindulgence,” says Wilson.
This tabby cat is currently on a vet-recommended diet that restricts his intake to 375 calories every day. Mike says that Bronson is “now on a wet food, which is grain-free and low fat. We add water to it so that it becomes sort of like a soup to fill him up.”
The Daily Mail reports that the couple’s goal is for their overweight cat is to lose one pound every month.

Video via IAmBronsonCat/Facebook
He currently is in need of a tooth operation, which he can’t get until he’s at a normal weight. “Our vet discovered that one of his teeth is broken and it needs to be pulled but right now he’s too heavy for anesthetic to perform the operation safely,” says Mike.
The Daily Mail also reported that Bronson is restricted to indoors only at the moment since he is too heavy to take pet flea and tick medication.
Here’s Bronson’s healthy alternative for snacks:

Video via IAmBronsonCat/Facebook
His exercise consists of cat toys:

Video via IAmBronsonCat/Facebook

And sometimes, Bronson just needs a minute to lay down and relax:

Image via iambronsoncat/Instagram
If you’d like to follow Bronson’s journey, his pet parents regular post updates to his Instagram. 
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