Cambridge Mock Interview For Veterinary Medicine

Cambridge Mock Interview For Veterinary Medicine

Zuzanna, a first year veterinarian at Jesus College is asked a few questions, that might be similar to the questions asked at interviews held at Cambridge University.

Zuzanna also shares her top tips about how you should approach your Cambridge interviews!

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00:55 – Why Cambridge as opposed to other veterinary schools?
02:08 – Why veterinary medicine?
02:47 – What relevant work experience have you done?
03:17 – Please talk about a memorable experience that you have had.
03:47 – Discuss a problem that arose during your work experience, and how was this solved?
04:39 – Why is prevention better than treatment?
05:34 – Please sketch and outline a bacterial cell?
06:38 – How are prokaryotes different to eukaryotes?
07:43 – What is a plasmid?
08:51 – What is the function of a mitochondrion?
09:09 – Please discuss the four main stages of respiration.
09:31 – Please compare aerobic respiration to anaerobic respiration.
10:30 – How do you deal with stress?

Disclaimer: These questions asked have not been acquired from past medical interviews held at Cambridge. The questions in this video are of similar academic and clinical relevance to questions that have been asked to people that have been interviewed at Cambridge University. These questions are in no way suggesting what you may be asked at your Cambridge medical interviews.


  1. Elizabeth Ara

    These videos are amazing ! Please do a video on graduate Medicine (even though it’s MMI). There’s not really much information about it

  2. Yael Y

    If possible, could you please do one for law

  3. Jodie Burnside

    Do you know if the interview differ in any way for Graduate entry students? Is there a heavier focus on experience etc. I am applying for entry into the 2019/20 academic year (I will be a graduate of Software Engineering by then). I have an A* in biology so I was very knowledgeable before, but it has been over 3 years. I am worried for the scientific part, as a lot of my memories of biology surfaced a little late or only in part when I heard these questions. I am currently doing a Chemistry A-level in prep for applying so that knowledge will be fresh, but I’m worried I’m a little rusty with the Biology. I’ll be brushing up a bit before the interview of course, but any tips on how to handle it if something comes up I can’t quite remember? Would interviewers disapprove of I was to almost work through my vague memories aloud? (for example, I could not remember the shape of a bacterial cell, but I thought ‘Right OK, what do I remember being inside it? Mitochondria… Etc.’

  4. Espion MKWII

    Hi! Great video! I am currently doing my GCSE’s and I want to study this at Cambridge! Do you think you could post a video on how to revise effectively? Thanks !


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