Career Planning : How To Become A Veterinarian

Career Planning : How To Become A Veterinarian

Become a veterinarian by receiving a bachelor’s degree in pre-veterinary medicine, attending the Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine Program, taking a licensing exam and fulling specific state requirements. Find out what kind of person makes a great veterinarian in this free video on job information from a career service specialist.

Expert: Stacie Royer
Bio: Stacie Royer is an exclusive career services specialist, and she is active in business and career networking throughout the Austin, Texas area.
Filmmaker: Todd Green


  1. Firecracker

    When I was a young girl I also wanted to be a vet and I had just about every pet animal they sold in pet shops. I am not starting my dream until now at the age of 25! I wish I would have had more discipline back then. You can do it, don’t give up ๐Ÿ™‚ and don’t get a boyfriend/ lust after boys because it only starts trouble! I wish I kept studying instead of trying to be “cool”.

  2. Ffion Bennett

    im exactly the same! literally just turned 14, and already i’m, like – i am going to become a vet.

  3. Cassidy

    I’m 13 and I KNOW I will become a vet!! (:,

  4. Stephie753

    You’re too young for a boyfriend hun(:

  5. Nicolx

    what about zoologist

  6. Mace

    It’s a fact that nearly 85% of zoologist fail to have a decent vet related job ending as science teachers.

  7. Mace

    age doesn’t matter in love

  8. Mace

    You guys are keep saying I’m a kid now and I love animals and will become a vet in future. But it’s a risky and hard path, where you must ace in chem,bio, and math(equivalent to calculus 2), plus excellent scores through out your highschool 10-12grade. Hope it helps. I’m a vet.

  9. Lindsey Lockwood

    I am going to college to become a vet actually. I am a HUGE animal lover and absolutely cannot wait to get out and help animals!

    But I’ve been watching a lot of veterinarian videos lately… why is everyone so bummed out and expressionless these days? ..

  10. PurpleHeartGirl 97

    i’m 15 and i’m sure that i want to be a vet, i always loved animals since i was little. i even wanted to be a Cowgirl when i was 6 but then i was told that it wasnt a job ๐Ÿ™

  11. Nunya Bidness

    I’m 28 and on my last year enlisted in the US Air Force, I think I finally know what I want to be when I grow up. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚


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