The Muppet Show Compilations – Episode 35: Veterinarian’s Hospital (Season 1)

The Muppet Show Compilations – Episode 35: Veterinarian’s Hospital (Season 1)

Thirty-fifth episode of a series of little compilations about The Muppet Show made by me.

00:20 – Patient Fozzie
01:50 – Dead Patient
03:04 – Hiccuping Patient
04:40 – Duck!
05:50 – Watch Inside the Patient
06:51 – Stomach Ache and Sore Throat
08:07 – Chicken Patient
09:35 – Patient George
11:54 – Loaf of Bread

Stay tuned for more episodes, next up: “The Muppet Show Compilations: Episode 36 – Veterinarian’s Hospital (Season 2)”.

Watch all the videos here:


  1. el elefante guerrero psiquico ancestral

    I love janice and rowlf, and see both in a sketch is always enjoyable to me

  2. Michael West

    Hut-sut Rawlson on the Rillerah, and a so on, so on, so forth, Hut-sut Rawlson on the Rillerah, and a so on-,

    Oh! I still can’t get the words to that song!

  3. Playboijosh

    Wtf is this this shit gives me night mares

  4. Gregory DiBruno

    At 0:21 and 3:04, the announcer says the same line with the same recording.

  5. Veston Bruno

    Jerry Nelson only performed the announcer only three times this season. I sat there and I counted. Mainly because he was not involved in ALL of Season 1, due to Sesame Street stuff, and so, they had to have John Lovelady be the announcer.

  6. Veston Bruno

    Whenever Richard Hunt performed Miss Piggy during the first season a couple of times, she would sound an AWFUL lot like Gladys the Cow.

  7. Veston Bruno

    The Duck Patient sketch was the origin of the whole the continuing story of a Quack who’s gone to the dogs catchphrase that would be used in later seasons.

  8. MegaAstroFan18

    anesthetic got me genuinely laughing

  9. John Platz

    “How’d I ever get myself into this sketch?”

  10. Demark Bellman

    Loved this show as a kid still love the Muppets

  11. Saddam Hussein

    Did these guys predict the sudden surge of Hospital Shows that came out in the 2000’s?

  12. Rokhaida Razali

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  13. fdst qww

    I wааtchеd Тhе Мuрpet Shоw full mоviе hеееre

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  15. itiswhatitaint anditaintwhatitis

    What’s with the nurses voices?

  16. itiswhatitaint anditaintwhatitis

    Man this kind of stuff would make me laugh so hard -milk would come out of my eyes- I mean -I would cry out my nose-…. oh forget it!

  17. Fanguy YT

    Man what happened to her voice?

  18. Ian D

    And now there will be a moment of silence.
    For that joke that just died in the operating room.

  19. William Norton

    This was one of my favorite parts of the Muppet Show.

  20. William Norton

    “And now, Veterinarian’s Hospital: the continuing story of a quack who’s gone to the dogs.”


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