The Muppet Show Compilations – Episode 36: Veterinarian’s Hospital (Season 2)

The Muppet Show Compilations – Episode 36: Veterinarian’s Hospital (Season 2)

Thirty-sixth episode of a series of little compilations about The Muppet Show made by me.

00:20 – Case of Flat Feet
01:24 – Patient Fozzie
02:46 – At The Dance
04:12 – Broken Telephone
05:58 – Cow Patient
07:18 – Coated Tongue
08:58 – Piglet
10:36 – Dog Patient
11:48 – Dr. Bob Lost Another Patient
13:32 – Hungry Operating Table
15:13 – Vegeterian’s Hospital

Stay tuned for more episodes, next up: “The Muppet Show Compilations: Episode 37 – Veterinarian’s Hospital (Season 3)”.

Watch all the videos here:


  1. ariel films inc

    Floyd dancing with another woman?? I N FRONT OF JANICE?????????

  2. MrSkinnn

    8:57 … now that’s good stuff.

  3. Victor Hernandez

    If only more TV medical dramas were like Veterinarians’ Hospital.

  4. Victor Hernandez

    Happy 40th anniversary to the Muppet Show!

  5. Mats Berglinn

    Dr. Pig: And now… lettuce operate. XD

  6. Elmer Ibarra

    When I was a boy, I never understood their jokes. But now LMFAO!

  7. Jack Parker-Levin


    Are you sure something’s not clogged?

  8. Señor Andrés

    Funniest part at 4:11

  9. William Norton

    “And now, Veterinarian’s Hospital. The continuing story of a quack who’s gone to the dogs.”

  10. Vaugn Ripen

    I’m so very happy watching this. As a kid or an adult, I laugh just as hard either way. Thank you to all the Henson crews over the years for their creativity, devotion and love!


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