The University Of Melbourne Veterinary Hospital Video Tour

The University Of Melbourne Veterinary Hospital Video Tour

The University of Melbourne Veterinary Hospital is one of Australia’s leading veterinary hospital facilities, based in Werribee.

We provide veterinary care to the community via our general practice (primary and preventative care), referral practice (for veterinarians), emergency and critical care services and an equine centre.

We essentially operate like a large veterinary practice contained within world class facilities. Our team of caring and highly-qualified veterinary staff treat over 17,000 animals each year which is supported by a dedicated veterinary nurses, specialist technicians and administrative staff. We employ over 40 registered veterinarians from interns to senior veterinary registrars.

As well as our general practice, we provide specialist veterinary services in surgery, anaesthesia, radiology, neurology and clinical pathology.

Our emergency and critical care department is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It is supported by modern diagnostic capabilities and on-site pathology laboratories, which enable us to promptly diagnose and manage complex, involved and unusual cases.

Importantly, we are also a teaching hospital and research facility. We are committed to educating the veterinarians of today and tomorrow. Students maybe allowed to undertake simple procedures such as administering medication but most cases require advanced veterinary care that is only provided by experienced veterinarians. We thank you for allowing us to involve veterinary students in the care of your pet.


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    Nice and very useful for us.VHRTC(P)LTD.Chitwan,Nepal

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  3. LCS India

    you are doing good job

  4. Apurv A

    this vet has got facility but no vasility 😀

  5. Maria Kuljanic

    Why did my Vet fail my pet in CARNIVORE NUTRITION?
    Was it because she only studied junk “Hill’s” PET FOOD NUTRITION?
    Go Get a REAL education for the REAL WORLD !
    Carnivore Nutrition Syllabus is taught by AMERICAN COUNCIL OF ANIMAL NATUROPATHY (ACAN). In this course you will be introduced to the principals of animal naturopathy and learn the nuts and bolts of the proper nutrition for our carnivore pets. You will also learn the basic anatomy and physiology of the canine and feline carnivore in order to better understand them as a species as well as their needs and nature. Proper SPECIES APPROPRIATE NUTRITION is the foundation of good health.
    Part I:
    a. An introduction to animal naturopathy
    b. The eight carnivore body systems
    c. The carnivore organ system part 1
    d. The carnivore organ system part 2
    e. The carnivore organ system part 3
    f. The canine skin

    Part II:
    a. The carnivore truth, part 1
    b. Yeast infection in dogs & cats
    c. The carnivore truth, part 2
    d. Vitamin C in your dog’s diet
    e. Kibble is kibble is still kibble
    f. Balanced pet nutrition
    g. Cooked vs. raw foods
    h. Dogs are carnivores
    I. Fears and raw feeding

    Part III:
    a. Probiotics: what they are
    b. FAQ on probiotics
    c. Yeast infection in dogs & cats
    d. The kidney and kidney problems
    e. Kidney and bladder stones in pets

    Part IV:
    a. Kibble is kibble is kibble…unnaturally
    b. Cooked vs. raw feeding (audio)
    c. Holistic pet food
    d. Pancreatitis

    Part V:
    a. Transitioning your dog to a raw diet
    b. Raw feeding guidelines
    c. Fasting for dogs
    d. Additional information

    Part VI:
    a. Dogs: omnivore or carnivore?
    b. Salmonella
    c. Cats: obligate carnivore
    d. Dogs: carnivores also
    e. Domesticated dogs vs. wild dogs
    f. Overcoming obstacles to raw feeding
    g. Obligate carnivores
    h. Additional resources

    Part VII:
    a. Interpretation of lab profiles
    b. The Basics of reading a blood test
    c. Raw food study
    d. Appetite vs need
    e. Handout on “food allergies” among other handouts

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    o very nice vets

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    Excellent <3


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