Truth About Working In Veterinary Medicine | Veterinary Vlog#7

Truth About Working In Veterinary Medicine | Veterinary Vlog#7

I completely LOVE my job 100% even through the ups and downs. Most people associate veterinary medicine with playing with animals all day and that’s not all that it entails. There is ALOT of hard work and long hours that goes into working in a veterinary clinic. Hope I answered some of y’alls questions! You can always write to me or shoot me an email if you have any more questions. Don’t forget to subscribe! xoxo

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1. A licensed veterinary nurse/technician can only practice underneath a licensed veterinarian
2. A veterinary nurse and a veterinary technician are the same degree
3. Veterinary nurses/technicians aren’t allowed to diagnose, prescribe or perform surgery
4. All rules and regulations are different for every state


  1. Abigail Awdjew

    Can you please make a video with all the equipment and how you edit your videos?? Thanks.

  2. Louise Grigg

    Loved this 😍would love if you can check out a video of mine too x

  3. Sherri Olive

    Love theses videos about being a vet nurse. 😊 you are a great vet nurse! if im half as good as you id be happy with that.
    would love to know what cleaning is involved in your daily routine.

  4. Kaily101 Vlogs

    Keep going girl I can already see you getting to a million subscribers

  5. Nichole Fischer

    Oh my gosh- what a cool job, but I dont think I could handle seeing sick kitties and doggies and giving bad news. You are a pet hero, girl! Loved seeing this! Thanks so much for the love on my channel. I just subbed 🙂

  6. Ashley Xoo

    I really enjoy your videos. I came across them because I have no idea what to do with my life and I’m starting to consider veterinary work. Love your personality and you’re very very wise. Xoxo

  7. Aish Intil

    I felt that it was really honest and I learned a lot to be vet nurse too, as soon as possible (i’m vet student from indonesia) and this gave me some great inspiration to compile my next step🤓👌 thank you for this, Victoria! xoxo

  8. Kellie Turner

    I LOVE MUMFORD & SONS. girl too bad you live so far away, we’re so much alike !!!

  9. Isabella Chambers Chambers

    im 11 and you are so inspiring I love you plz reply to me I’ve watched all your vids

  10. Tony Tortellini

    I start my job as a kennel assistant this week. I really have no idea what to expect.

  11. V T

    As someone who is working at a vet clinic right now, there are just some moments that I have to pause your video and go ‘YES! EXACTLY RIGHT!!’. Especially at 9:40

  12. wiredmike

    I love your vlogs!! I work at an animal hospital also, I love your microscope shots!!

  13. Kimberli I

    Love your videos! I’m going to school to be a tech!

  14. Trinity Mock

    Your videos are informative and I hope you keep making more like these. It’s really giving me an insight so thank you so much.❤️❤️❤️

  15. Jessica Argaez

    I just found your channel! I started my career journey by volunteering for my senior project for highschool in October (: I applied for a position in February and I got hired in march! 🙂 I’m so grateful for this job and i love how I feel like I’m not working! 🙂

  16. Bliss

    What kind of math do you use daily? Algebra? Calculus? 🙂 I just subscribed btw!

  17. Mari Montoya

    What did you major in while at university? I love your videos!

  18. Gia Lira

    You look like the girl from Gossip Girl Blair

  19. Kitara Sultan

    I dreamed of being a vet and I love your videos I have a baby puppy named Zuzu and i love her more then anything and I love your videos and does your dog and cat get along

  20. Keana Ash

    Can you work at a clinic and help the doc.? Im trying to get in and do you have to go to school to work at a clinic?

  21. Jasmine Esmeralda

    I’ll tell you, I can not wait to have the honor of wearing these scrubs. I know for certain that this is where I want to be. I have to make it here.

  22. Sally Morello

    I really appreciate you pointing out that math and science are important. I found that most of my classmates in tech school realized this far too late. Vet med is not just a love of animals but also physiology, pharmacology, people and many other things.

  23. Sarah Alzahabi

    What ATAR score do I have to get to be a veterinary nurse?

  24. Sy Mayp

    I really love you! You said very clearly.

  25. Sarah Haas

    “His ovaries removed” 😂


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