University Vlog / Spend A Day In Vet School With Me

University Vlog / Spend A Day In Vet School With Me

Hi everyone.

This is my first ever vlog! I thought some of you might be interested in knowing how I spend a typical day in veterinary medicine school. I hope this motivates you to study and to get into the course you want at university.

My day consists mostly of lectures and practicals, so its not super exciting but I hope you enjoy it. Let me know in the comments if you did, and if you would like to see any more.

Next week I will be posting a requested video on “How to get an A in A Level Spanish and English”

Leave any video requests in the comments!



  1. Lucy Bunker

    Surrey,looks so modern and well equipped. I want to do veterinary science and am currently looking at different universities but Surrey is defiantly a contender!

  2. Noor S

    Loved this 😊

  3. La La

    I loved day in the life vlog ! Do more! My favourite video of yours so far!

  4. FlowersForYou

    So cool to see your uni! Hope you’re enjoying yourself!

  5. Nour Potter

    Love the video 😊 xx

  6. Christina

    great video! thanks! so you type your notes…then do you print them and keep them in a binder? I am trying to find the most productive way to keep notes and unfortunately outline the text by hand is taking soooo many hours that it seems it is maybe a bit unproductive. what do you think?

  7. Megan Hardy

    Where is your grey jumper from? It looks so soft! Also do you stay in halls, and if so could you do a room tour video? Xx

  8. Sidra Barry

    couldn’t hit the subscribe button fast enough! this vlog was so well made and interesting!

  9. Fendy Fadillah Akbar

    great video! i totally agree with you. It is almost the same here in Indonesia that we study a lot. Maybe in the following video you can show how the practicals work in your univ. So curious about that! Greetings from Indonesia 🙂

  10. fixey fun

    could you do some more vet videos.

  11. XxAnimalsxX 22

    Are you vegan?btw nice videos

  12. Haley b

    I’ve always wanted to be a vet but now that I’m a senior in high school reality has hit that I may not be able to. I’ve always liked science and have a good memory but I’m so scared I won’t be able to do it. Is there any advice you have for someone trying to determine if this is a realistic option? I’m currently trying to find a clinic in my small town that will allow me to see if it’s something I should do. Any answers are appreciated.

  13. Maria Stuart

    I have an interview there in a few days 😀

  14. Field Vet

    good, veterinary science, interesting!

  15. Mia Villa

    How I wish that the vet school Im attending looks like Surrey’s!

  16. Pau^^

    Hii! I am a vet student from Spain! You should do more videos about vet school.
    Btw I also love asian food! haha

  17. Izzy Gillett

    omg as soon as I saw the clips of your campus I immediately knew it was Surrey because I think my brother stayed in those halls you walked through at the beginning!!

  18. Natalia Klejka

    What collage do you go to?

  19. Amber Aldstadt

    Is that BYU -_-…….

  20. Basically Kara

    what is a good vet school to go to?I know I have a lot of years to go but still want to know?!

  21. Ju AC

    Hi! I’m a vet student, I’m on my first semester, I’d love to sed your study techniques and tips 🙂

  22. Vet Tails' Sailing Chuffed

    I have just started a VLOG about our travels on our sail boat while I do volunteer vet work all over the world! This video was great, not many people realise how tough vet school can be!

  23. crazykaitlyn

    youre really pretty but like the pretty that doesnt know she is, which is best lol

  24. Zen M

    we have the same anatomy 😁😁

  25. Joel Jones

    I am also vegan and have to choose between Surrey and Bristol for vetmed. I see you mentioned that Surrey is very focused on welfare, is there any chance you could elaborate on this? Gracias

  26. Rachel Bentley

    Hey! I’ve just come across your channel as I’m looking to study vet med at university in 2018. Would you be able to do a video about Surrey and why you picked it over your other options? I’m obviously a bit worried because it’s so new and there are no exam results yet!
    Thanks so much, you’re videos are really helpful 😄

  27. Thatmaddy

    How old are you? Just curious haha but I’m going to be studying at RVC in the fall (:

  28. Aish Intil

    Hey I’m a vet student from Indonesia:) This is the first time I see your video on youtube. It’s great to see your uni and your activities as a vet student, wow😄 You should do a day in vet school vlog regularly!haha thx

  29. Stephanie Leggett

    Dyce.. ugggh hahaha. 3rd year vet student from NZ 🙂

  30. Outdoor hunting&fishing /

    What book was that

  31. Chidoricrazy

    You look damn cute with glasses on …

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  33. Caleb Rouse

    Hi I loved this vlog u should really do more because I really want to vet school so I’d like to know what it’s like thanks

  34. Bouchagra Yafet

    marry me ?

  35. Veronika Nightstar

    Why is the music in your video so much louder than your voice it sucks

  36. Painx7

    What books do u reccommend for anatomy?


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