Expressing Anal Glands: A Full Circle Veterinary Care Instructional Video

Expressing Anal Glands: A Full Circle Veterinary Care Instructional Video

Dr. Patricia Mahoney demonstrates how to express a dog’s anal glands in this installment of Full Circle Veterinary Care’s series of instructional videos. She also explains how to tell if your dog’s anal glands might need expressing.

Our demo dog for this video is Lady, a 7-year-old dachshund.

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Don’t worry– not everyone wants to do this at home, and you can always make an appointment to have your veterinarian express your dog’s anal glands!


  1. Kelly's Cat Shelter South Florida USA

    a pea, a raisin, an almond

  2. Elizabeth Rocha

    what do dogs do i the wild to clean their anal glands? I’ve never had a dog but my cousin did growing up and the dog lived to be 16 and no one ever cleaned his anal glands..

  3. j. brignol

    :'( 🐾serait -il possible traduire svp?

  4. Laurel R

    It is possible that a warm bath will help? I’ve never needed to do this to my 9lb Chi mix but I saw her scoot today.

  5. Steve S.

    Very informative. I have a Shih Tzu and was always afraid my finger might be too big to do this with a small dog. I don’t have fat fingers but still…

  6. marta meek

    Excellent demo. Thank you.

  7. Kathleen Champ

    VERY informative THANK YOU! others said not too try this method at home but the groomer did external and my lil guy had issues after. GOING to be brave for my lil guy..
    Question, Is this common in Dachshunds? I have a Dachshund / Boxer..lolol YES, you read that correctly. He’s still a small guy. I recused him at three week’s he was desperately ill. HE’LL be 4 in a few days. but I’ve changed his food more times then I can count, due to horrible breath and excessive shedding. HIS teeth are healthy, now is grain free and still! after having expressed last time he had a cyst or abscess above the rectum. it was treated and gone in a few days. HE scooted more after being expressed ..I was left confused. LEFT him alone to heal.. scooting stopped etc. HOWEVER! Scooting started again a cpl days ago. thinking internal express is way to go. I’ll do it with aid of groomer this afternoon. THANK YOU AGAIN! P.S. Breath IS SCARIER THEN USUAL! I I I!

  8. david mendez

    wish me luck 😣

  9. Karen Buxbaum

    it worked! thank you

  10. teresa chase

    Thank you finally a video makes sense

  11. nizolierocks

    My dog just had this done. But she is still itching like crazy. he gave me an animax ointment for anus area. But it doesn’t go inside right cause it is not helping. She is still itching

  12. Dave

    @2:30 Ha! “in the end”


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