German Shepherd Becomes Target of Colombian Drug Gang

The Urabeños, Colombia’s largest drug gang, put a bounty of almost $70,000 on the head of Sombra (Shadow), a 6-year-old German Shepherd police dog, after she sniffed out almost 10 tons of the gang’s cocaine.
Sombra found 5.3 tons of cocaine while deployed in Turbo, Colombia–a town where cocaine is often shipped out of, usually out to Central America and then to the United States, according to BBC. The pup also recently found another 4 tons stashed in car parts that were to be exported. The Washington Post says the Colombian press called Sombra “the terror” of drug traffickers.
The outlet says it’s not unusual for the Urabeños, also known as the Úsuga clan or Gulf clan, to offer money to get rid of those standing in their way.
“The fact they want to … offer such a high reward for her capture or death shows the impact she’s had on their profits,” a police spokesperson tells The Telegraph.
To ensure the dog’s safety, Sombra was moved from the gang’s heartland to Bogotá airport to work outside the gang’s main area of influence. Sources say Sombra will also be accompanied by extra police officers in addition to her normal handler during deployments.
According to the Insight Crime, the Urabeños is considered Colombia’s most powerful criminal group, and its leader, Dairo Antonio Úsuga, known as “Otoniel,” is the country’s most wanted man.
Sombra has been a member of the counter-narcotics police force since she was a puppy and has since been responsible for the arrest of 245 suspects.
Image via Times and Sunday Times/Facebook
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