Pet Series – Veterinarian Care #2

Pet Series – Veterinarian Care #2

In today’s video I take Cody in for his annual teeth cleaning and while we were there his Veterinarian Dr. Jacoby graciously agreed to an interview and he answers our most important questions for having Nomad Pets on the Road! THIS IS PART 2 OF 2 PARTS. I highly recommend Dr Jacoby, my pets and I have received outstanding care from him! Contact him here:

Locations of Important Information on the Video:
— Fleas and Ticks 00:14
— Heartworm and Parasites: 5:38
— Mice: 10:48
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  1. Karen Kingrey

    What a lovely man!! It’s a great pleasure to find such a wonderful vet for our furry friends!!

  2. Ann Silliman

    sticky traps are very inhumane. the mice suffer needlessly until they die. if u arent going to catch and release at least dont make them suffer in a sticky trap. they should be illegal.

  3. Rebecca Long

    Get a bottle of turpentine and a little medicine dropper. One tiny drop directly on the tick and it will back it’s body out of the bite. No danger of leaveing the head in.

  4. Carole Harden Taylor

    Great piece…thank you.

    Everyone should have the phone number for Pet Poison Helpline on speed dial. It can literally save your pet’s life. Yes, there is a fee if you have an emergency and need to call, but it has been the best $59.00 I’ve ever spent. BUT, their website is packed full of information, which costs nothing. They will take all of the information down, give you instructions on how you can help your pet and if a veterinarian is required, they upload the information to your vet’s office or local ER so that the information is awaiting your arrival and treatment can immediately begin. They were a godsend for our trio of dogs who decided to eat their entire month’s supplement in one sitting while we were out shopping for groceries. My husband made the mistake of leaving the bag where it could be reached, after he had given them their last daily dosage. They helped themselves and we paid dearly at the ER. But they were ready to receive them in when we arrived, thanks to the information they already had downloaded from the folks at PPH.


    Another tip is to apply for Care Credit, to help pay for those emergencies that might pop up while you are on the road, and might be short of cash. Care Credit is accepted nationwide at many veterinarians and ER locations. It can help when you are in a bind. Or, it can help a fellow traveller who is faced with a pet emergency, and isn’t prepared for the cost. I’ve had one for about 10 years, and have used it for my pets, as well as when friends have been caught short.

  5. Susie Pittman

    Great video, thanks. (By the way, he is a doctor). I know you know that. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  6. Theresa Wooten

    I agree. Hartz..I put a Hartz flea collars on my 3 rescue feral kittens, they were over 4 months old. Within days 2 of them died, and not a good death. One actually “lost her mind”, walking in circles, bumping into things, etc. Very sad. Took her to the vet and had her euthanized to spare her the agony. I cried and cried. I think Hartz should be banned!

  7. Woodsfanatic

    The electronic Victor battery operated battery mouse trap is the best investment and most humane for mice.

  8. Theresa Wooten

    Awesome that this kind vet gave all that info FREE!

  9. annette fournier

    Lyme Connecticut.

  10. Sàm Johnson

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  11. Sàm Johnson

    BOB it Very important that you read my message about WISH.COM
    tank you sir hopefully it help everyone

  12. Sapphire Sword

    Fox Urine or bear or there may be different predator urine pellets at a farm supplier. ($15) They only take a small amount of water once a week (I use a small spray bottle) to repel all mice and rats.

    Put some of these pellets in an old sock, then put the sock somewhere under your hood.

    There is no reason to kill these animals.

  13. SJ SMITH

    Another informative, great video Bob!

  14. Roger & Leysa

    Perfect Bob! just excellent content.

  15. Muze Rhythm

    Wonderful info from Dr Jacoby! Learned a LOT about how medicines work and areas of country to watch out for different diseases. Fantastic job Bob! Keep those educational videos comin’ when I’m ready to hit the road I feel more confident 😉.

  16. Roger G.

    Thx Bob & Dr. Jacoby!! Very very informative & useful!

  17. Hopeless512

    Advantix doesn’t work on animals. I found ticks on my dogs using this brand that didn’t die. The company has told me that they made it not to work. Please don’t buy it & use it on you’re pets. I find it more effective to bathe you’re dog once a month with flea & tick shampoo.

  18. John K

    These vet videos are a wonderful resource, Bob. As I work towards making full time my life, caring for my dogs is of critical importance. I can’t overstate how much they mean to my sanity and happiness. I’m in AZ, so I may well be paying Dr Shapiro a visit. Thanks for all you give, Bob.

  19. TheElectricBallroom

    Good video. Very kind vet!

  20. Matias Carpio

    I want a bicycle for christmas

  21. A Bourg's RV studio

    I check for ticks on my dogs all the time, like each time they go outside , if its in a large field, but they have not that much fur , I am not placing any pesticide on my dogs

  22. Robert Bingham

    Good info

  23. Andrew Moura

    What do you do about car registration without a home address?

  24. Yolanda Ventura

    Thnx Bob . Great Video ! Very informative.. Hi Coty 🐶😉💜. HUGS!!

  25. No Longer a Grim Girl

    Thank you so much Bob! This was so helpful.

  26. ceeagee

    Flea and tick – never use Frontline because it doesn’t work. (Fleas are immune to the chemical) No chemicals on needed with Bravecto it’s 3 month 1 chewable. Works great!

  27. Eric Sulen

    Thanks for all the info on having a pet as a nomad, very informative?! Enjoy your channel keep those videos coming. Thanks, Eric Sulen, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

  28. ceeagee

    Didn’t know fleas carry tape worm. Interesting. Mice and rodents is all I knew.

  29. Sunshine Travels

    Frontline doesn’t work on Southern fleas.

  30. Cindy & Darryl H

    Great interview Bob and really liked the honesty of Dr. Jacoby. He is a real gem. You are lucky to have found him.

  31. pupcamper58

    Great interview Bob.

  32. Emily BH

    Bob, never ask a conventional vet about “safe” products. They are not trained in anything close to that. All the t opical products are POISON. Don’t take my word for it. Just look up “dangers of spot on flea treatments”. If you want a natural flea and tick treatment that works, use one part Diatamaceos earth, one part Neem powder and one part Yarrow or Chamomile powder. You only need to put a tiney amount of this on the neck and along the spine by dividing the fur and putting the powder in a line on the skin. It only takes less than a week of daily treatments before all signs of fleas are gone… and it will not make your pet sick the way the spot on treatments can and often do.

    For worms/parastites, the herbs Wormwood and green Black Walnut hull works great to get rid of them! Garlic is a great as a preventative for dogs. Just give your dog a clove of raw garlic mixed into his food a few times a day or even every other day for a week. Take a few days off and resume. You can give your dog more garlic if he likes it. Garlic is also a pre-biotic and great for helping good digestive flora grow.

  33. fletcher3913

    Good information, Bob. Thank you and Dr. Jacoby too.

  34. Tonya McGrew

    pepermint oil on cotton balls works pretty good to keep the mice away

  35. Linda Wolfe

    Gosh he is handing you a line Bob, chemicals go through the skin. my goodness.

  36. Lori Smith

    Good series! I’ll be getting my travel companion at the end of March and you’ve answered questions I had. You’re right: the unconditional love is something you won’t get anywhere else and you can’t put a price on it. Thanks, Bob.


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