A Career As A Veterinarian (JTJS62012)

A Career As A Veterinarian (JTJS62012)

First up Kam from Te Awamutu College is straight in the deep end as he learns about the varied role of a vet. At VETENT the first patient of the day has arrived for castration and Kam soon finds out whether he’s squeamish of not. He also discovers it’s not all just about the animals, good communication skills to deal with owners is also important.

Out of the surgery, Kam joins vet Emma Boyd out on the farm where he learns about some of the tasks required when investigating what’s afflicting larger animals such as cows. Emma explains vets work closely with farmers not only on the health of their animals but also advising on the likes of how to increase milk yields and other information that can benefit farm owners.

After learning more about the front and back ends of cows than he ever expected, Kam also meets a newborn alpaca. Emma has given him a really great insight into a career that offers many rewards and a wide variety of opportunities.

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