ASMR – Veterinarian RP

ASMR – Veterinarian RP

Hi to you and your little friend! Thank-you for bringing your doggio for a checkup. I will be checking her vital signs and reflexes, as well as cleanliness of her ears and teeth, to name a few. So relax as I take care of your best little friend!

~Thanks for watching and Happy Relaxing~
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  1. TigerSpirit ASMR

    Hi guys! I’ll probably do a remake of this video because it’s not quite what I wanted, but I loved working with my little burrito on this one 💘

  2. Berscanso The Duck

    Aweeeeeee ur dog is super super cute❤ i have a pet bird

  3. medandasmr

    Unique vifeo, so good. 🙂

  4. Raven Rain

    Tigerine your ASMR is awesome ahem… FUR real! 😛


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