Life Of A Veterinary Nurse | Vlog#1

Life Of A Veterinary Nurse | Vlog#1

Hope you enjoy my first ever vlog! It was so much fun to make. Don’t forget to subscribe! xoxo

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  1. space._.bunnies

    4:38 whete does that tube go down to?

  2. Cara MacVicar

    I want to be a vet I always have since I can remember and this has inspired me even more xo

  3. Paige Short

    I want to be a vet tech so this was really cool to see some of what I’ll be doing!

  4. Francis Neira

    I’m glad I came across your videos I’ve been so indecisive on my career and I’m really considering vet tech but I wanted to have a clear idea on what it’s like and I’m glad that your videos are so informative.

  5. Malica Hamilton

    Subscribed 😊 I’m going to my interview today for an animal care course I want to become a be veterinary nurse

  6. Molly Pull

    Currently in school to become a vet assistant. Any tips?

  7. Valerie Short

    Your funny lol love you

  8. C.J K.King

    Omg I do that all the time!! I’ll buy food and just sit in my car outside of my house eating it…. and relaxing lol the stairs up to my apartment are just too daunting at the end of the work day lol

  9. Adriana Caban

    I’m graduating in December from being a vet tech student! cant wait !

  10. Reem Kadd.

    She’s so cute funny and smart ❤❤❤❤

  11. Courtney Love

    Watching these vlogs gets me so excited to be a vet nurse 😊 im currently studying at Sparholt college in Winchester doing animal management

  12. Amal Iqbal

    Brilliant video! Thank you so much. It was so great and helpful to watch! =D <3

  13. Em Harper

    Just wondering what do you need to take for a level to become a veterinary nurse love your videos by the way definitely earned a sub

  14. Samantha Pulido

    Non RVT can intubation patient? Definitely not in cali… sadly.

  15. Disney Heart 5463

    I’m hoping I can become a veterinarian nurse

  16. Stephanie Loomis

    Your chin acne is caused by hormones from the foods you eat I suggest going vegan I went vegan and my chin acne cleared up I’ve had it for over 20 years seriously go vegan

  17. Erica Page

    I love these vlogs! How often would you say you work with scared/uncooperative animals?

  18. Danae Swales

    How doesn’t nt she have millions of subscribers

  19. Katherine Rosario

    I want to get into vet tech and you’re the only person who gives me hope into overcoming that dream. ❤️❤️ you are such a inspiring and beautiful person and you are so happy about your job, I hope to be like you in the future


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