Thinking About Becoming A Veterinarian

Thinking About Becoming A Veterinarian

This is a careers in science presentation i made for grade 11 bio
I figured it could be useful to anyone who was thinking about following this career path
Hope you enjoy!

I do not own any of the pics ( all courtesy of tumblr & google images) or the music
Song: Hurts like heaven – Coldplay


  1. Butter Beast

    I’m debating whether to be a veterinarian I’m stuck with 3 possible jobs but 1 of them is insanely hard to make.

  2. Victoria Collins

    I am 11 to and i want to be a vet

  3. Alex Webster

    I have wanted to be a vet for a very long time recently i have been doubting myself. This video made me so happy and i have realised why i work so hard at school. I am going to be a vet. So thank you!

  4. WhatA SlimeyLife

    Thanks so much for this video! I really want to be a veterinarian and today I volunteered at the animal cruelty control and I feed 36 animals bathed 13 animals cleaned 27 cages and took care of the baby animals for 3 hours I also watched a cat get stomach surgery and I felt bad and good for the cat I would do anything to save a animals life.

  5. Nieson The farmer

    I don’t care about the money! I just want to help these poor little things from the evil in this world😭

  6. ThatPoppy ThatPoppy

    Forget being a scientist or a chef I’m being a veterinarian

  7. That Youtuber

    i am 12 years old and my whole life i have wanted to be a vet i love animals but i also love to fix things and i am hoping this video will help me reach my lifes goal

  8. ThatPoppy ThatPoppy

    I realized that I wanted to become when I was talking about my goal in middle school and now I’m studying really hard and getting good grades so then I can become a GREAT veterinarian

  9. Maria Kuljanic

    Why don’t Vet students study CARNIVORE NUTRITION rather than PET FOOD NUTRITION and start saving lives? Healthier pets with less trips to the Vet means that pet owners can enjoy their PETS instead of PESTS. Its all about WORKING SMARTER – NOT HARDER when you graduate!

  10. Clorox Wipes

    I thought I was the unlucky one im good with animals I’m bad at math and English but I’m rlly good at science and I love animals

  11. Monica Torres

    I was doubting like:
    Lawyer? Medical docter? vet?
    what should i do?
    and then i came across this and made up my mind

  12. Sarah Lovell

    What source did you get your data from ?

  13. Tazkia Dz

    4:01 *accidentally cry* poor babyyy :”((((((

  14. Deven Lewis

    hurts like heaven ❤ I love animals and coldplay haha

  15. That One Drummer Boi

    I’m graduating high school soon, I will start thinking seriously about becoming a vet.

  16. River Soul

    I want to become a vet, but not the kind who performs surgery and major serious stuff.

  17. River Soul

    I would more like to look after sick animals

  18. River Soul

    I want to become a vet I think, and if not, then I want to do SOMETHING with animals. I know that. I plan to live on a small farm and raise animals for fun, (not meat), companions, experience, and because I enjoy all animals and absolutely want to help them. I want to be able to be with nature and animals in my day to day life. The only problem with being a vet is that I don’t want to do anything that involves physically meddling with the inside of an animals other than its mouth. No surgery for me… Or broken/fractured bones. I’m thinking about becoming a pet therapist because one of them helped our now dead puppy who I loved very much. I want to be able to help animals, but I don’t know which job is right for me. I’m 12 and I know my ideas and opinions might change, and probably will… But does anyone have advice for me? Is there a job where I can make enough money to support myself and my companions(animals/pets) with a job involving caring for/helping animals without performing anything serious? I want to look after them more of, if that’s an option. Please reply if you can and if you have an idea.

  19. Tatiana Perdomo

    This helped me so much !

  20. Zeruk

    Ok so I really want to be a vet as a full time job. I am in high school year 10, going to year 11. I know I can do biology and chemistry with myself doing more revising. I enjoy biology science and chemistry. I dislike physics though just because of the maths.
    I am really good at english too I just got to revise it!
    My problem is the math part! I am unsure how much maths I would need and I was set back so much, I am going to try for as high as I could get ….. What would the lowest be to get accepted somewhere? My maths scares me and I just honestly despise it. I will do it I am just hoping to become a vet one day xx.

    Any help? Thanks guys!

  21. One Wish

    The downsides are okay. The animals injuries (might) be worse than mines.

  22. Angie Olguin

    So I want to become a vet but I’m scared to cut a animal open but maybe it’s just because I’m still 15

  23. Vicky the Youtuber

    i am only 10 and i really really want to become a veterinarian but first i wanted to see if i coulde handle this job or how to become one or even seeing how it is like to be a veterinarian i just love animals there so cute i watch cute vines of pet and maybe that’s how i want to become a veterinarian


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