This Guy Was Exploring An Abandoned Veterinary School When He Made A TERRIFYING Discovery

This Guy Was Exploring An Abandoned Veterinary School When He Made A TERRIFYING Discovery

This Guy Was Exploring An Abandoned Veterinary School When He Made a TERRIFYING Discovery


The subject of today is :
abandoned veterinary school
We absolutely love seeing stories by urban explorers who venture into the obscure and forgotten places of the world. These places are old and abandoned, nature is starting to reclaim these extravagant buildings and they will soon be lost forever. These urban explorers sneak into these places not knowing what they will run into. They run the risk of being arrested or injured in these unsafe buildings. This story is no exception to the above listed risks, however what this urban explorer found is nothing like we’ve ever seen before. What photographer Stefaan Beernaert found in an old abandoned veterinary school in Anderlecht, Brussels will send chills down your spine and surely give you nightmares. This is the stuff horror movies are made of. If you get sick easily, proceed with caution!

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  1. jill curley

    I was very sick when I sore the old school house and I hope the pepole who did don’t sleep at night

  2. Charlotte Jones

    The person that said the animals were,even now are not dead.All med. schools still dicect live animals.That’s why people want the practice to stop.That’s why there called Mds.,have to go thru so much Education.

  3. Lord Zerfex

    Omg the people the left them i will give them a big big ass-smack

  4. n/a n/a

    That shit isn’t scary. My bff’s dad was a vet. They kept dead animals in a freezer on their back porch. Nothing scary about it.

  5. ThunderTheTherian TTT

    Do this to the killers


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