A Day In The Life – Veterinarian Technician

A Day In The Life – Veterinarian Technician

A typical day in the life of a veterinarian technician.

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  1. Mada Suke

    very like aimal…..hope i will become veterinarian….

  2. mcgregwood7

    Some one please respond to me, I have a question. This video says that Vet Tech is a very competitive field but I have been doing my research and I came to a different conclusion. It is only competitive if your trying to get a job at a zoo or in research. Clinics and hospitals are hurting for more vet techs because not that many people go to school for it and some only stay in the job an average of 7 to 8 years. If I am completely out to lunch on this one please tell me. I want to become one.

  3. mufffin777

    @mcgregwood7 well..I don’t live in the states, I live in canada. Here’s its a competitive field, very hard to get in the program but you can find jobs easily. I don’t know if that’s what the lady meant (for the US).That video looks old tho. 🙂

  4. mcgregwood7

    @mufffin777: your absolutely right about that one. Right now I am working on getting accepted into the Vet Tech program at PCC in Tucson AZ. However, I have all these prerequisites to accomplish before they will take me. It’s hard.

  5. Hi Heidi

    A vet tech can place the IV cath for euth. but not administer – that would be illegal! At least in california…

  6. aqua gal

    @svandenbord usually a vet does perform euthanasia in clinics, but a technician can perform it if a vet is present in the building at the time.

  7. aqua gal

    @mcgregwood7 Vet tech of 6 years. Vet techs are competitive for the well paid sections and in my area very competitive for school. For clinics and hospitals because they only hire so many (usually 2) and if your in a smaller community that makes less chance in the area you work. The reason why they only stay in the profession for 7-8 years is not because it’s a bad profession but because of the physical demand as you get older and the pay rate (not set standard) hope this helps

  8. aqua gal

    @thecandy0079 yes but because the term is copyrighted in North America we are not allowed to call ourselves vet nurses

  9. aqua gal

    In regards to the question about euthanasia unless the state/province has a law about it a technician can perform a euthanasia as long as the vet is in the building and requested the technician to do so

  10. RachelB263

    Ugh two things in this video bugged me. 1- The guy doing the dental. Where is his PPE?! I’m pretty sure OSHA says you need goggles, along with a mask and gloves. I know some people take it further with gowns, hair nets, face shields, etc. Think of all the germs spraying up all over… ick.
    2- If you’re working in a clinic, like their example, vet techs rarely perform the euthanasia. They might assist in restraints and what not, but they’re rarely the one with the syringe. Just sayin’.

  11. necessaryevil101

    so i cant become a vet technician if i already have a bachelors degree?

  12. annamw15

    @mcharris84 Who wants to be called a vet nurse when we can do so much more then a nurse can?

  13. simplylaceXO

    “showing no sympathy when they are in pain” oh you know me so dead on… I never feel bad for animals when they are in pain. It’s so good to hear you know me so well. If it were my profession and I had enough passion, then it comes with the job and obviously it’d have to get done. But just because it’s for the better doesn’t always necessarily make it easy to do. Therefor, I would still be upset if I had to put an animal down. My comment was not supposed to have that much meaning to you.

  14. WorkaholicMeg

    TONS of stuff in the video bugged me:
    #1 – 80-90% of the workforce is female. Where did they find all the guys?
    #2 – are they supposed to be IN surgery during that description? Where are the caps and masks? Surgery greens?
    #3 – since when does a centrifuge actually RUN diagnostic tests?
    #4 – Who’s monitoring anaesthesia? (Especially on that dental!)
    #5 – the cat on the rad table looks sedated so WHY is the guy actually holding?
    #6 – Leashes? Do they use them?
    …and now I’m out of space.

  15. purplechickon

    You would need schooling through a Vet Tech program, think of it like a nursing program. Just because you have a bachelors does not get you a job as a nurse (unless you have a bachelors in nursing). However, Vet Assistants do not go through schooling ( they’re on the job trained) and technically are not allowed to do some of the things a Vet Tech is licensed to do/ learn in school. But.. in some clinics it still happens =/

  16. purplechickon

    I wish the video made a distinction between Veterinary Technicians and Vet Assistants. Which are two different jobs, and many people get them confused. (Also its veterinary not veterinarian technician). As a second year student in a vet tech program it kind of annoys me. I’m working hard for my degree dang it! lol.

  17. Casey S

    you should really seek a psychiatric evaluation if a video got you that mad and you took the time to post something.

  18. Toaster Strudel

    I’m the same way, but I’m currently in VTI, and I know, in the future, when it comes to the point to euthanize the animal, I know i’m giving it a good death. It will never suffer anymore. Of course there are going to be tears, but not every patient will live. Some will go, and some will stay, and i’m sure people would understand. I rather my animal be put to sleep humanely, than to see it suffer on the floor crying.

  19. simplylaceXO

    Since then I’ve put my dog to sleep, he was a really old lab. Sad to say but I think we waited much too long. I laid with him while they put him to sleep and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done but the best decision I’ve ever made.

  20. loudlyriclovaa123

    love animals n always wanted to become a vet tech, jus hope its the right path for me..what exactly does a vet tech do that a vet doesnt? n whats the difference between a vet tech and a vet assistant?

  21. lakalakadakabear

    I am the same way…

  22. danilo osiris

    that is just dumb. all it takes is time

  23. Jeskaw

    He’s holding on to the cat to move its extremities away from the light so they dont get scattered radiation. 2. they didnt say they were running diagnostic tests with the centrifuge, but YOU USE A CENTRIFUGE TO SPIN BLOOD FOR DIAGNOSTIC TESTS as well as viewing under the microscope.
    3rd what planet are you from that clinics are ran by women? im at a clinic thats part men and women as well as my veterinary class was part men/women and the VT classes at my college majority men.

  24. WorkaholicMeg

    You’re right about the centrifuge & it looks like they were bandaging a declaw so that explains the lack of surgery gowns. :/
    The cat in rad will receive scatter radiation no matter what. So will the tech. If the patient is sedated, safety protocols should dictate that sand bags and tape are used to position the patient so the tech can expose the rad from further away or out of the room and minimize his exposure to the radiation.

  25. WorkaholicMeg

    Not mad, just bothered me. Patients at risk, employees at risk. Not the best examples of the profession in that video.

  26. WorkaholicMeg

    Vets can diagnose, prognose, prescribe and perform surgery. Techs have to work under the supervision of a vet. Other than that (and the 4 extra years of debt, education and knowledge) there isn’t much difference.

  27. WooppoowPiesandTrees

    Holy crap I finally found some kind of job I want.

  28. Erin Walsh

    I have been wanting to do this for a long time, I have a degree in Animal Science specializing in Equine Science. I am not good at chemistry, i always had good grades in my labs. what are the courses like?

  29. mcna0138

    What you have to take into consideration is the animals well-being. If they are in more suffering because they are alive you will (eventually) feel better by putting an end to that suffering. It IS hard and you are allowed to cry (just don’t out-do the client lol) but at the same time there are situations where it’s worse to let a patient continue living a difficult and painful life. As a vet tech I understand your position and I felt that way when I went into this career!

  30. mcna0138

    you don’t need chemistry 🙂 just a decent understanding of science and how biology works

  31. osires999

    me too 🙂

  32. Jennifer Osorio

    Im on my way of becoming a vet tech 🙂

  33. CrazySwizzley3

    I really want to be a vet tech, but I couldn’t bare being the one to put down an animal :/

  34. Abstract Raven

    Currently, I’m on my way to become a Vet Tech (I graduate high school this year), but the only vet tech school I know of is Bel-Rae, and it’s all the way in Colorado (I live in Indiana- that’s at least a 16 to 17 hour drive..). Does anyone know of closer vet tech schools?

  35. ledzepgurl

    we perform euthanasia here as a vet tech

  36. stormtroopette

    that white pit bull is so cute! considering becoming a vet tech and I like this video. Performing euthanasia must be so sad :/

  37. jenny chan

    I’m gonna be going to school for vet technician a lot of the times I always put my self down but I have done a lot of stuff in the health field and would love to add helping animals to my life.

  38. Lindsy Dee

    What a great career! minus the euthanasia part 🙁
    I would so enter this field if the pay wasn’t so low. I might be going for nursing, human that is.

  39. Amelia - Roblox And Even More Randomness!

    this may be weird or odd buut… I am wanting to become a veterinarian technician someday and I look forward. tomorrow I am taking a mini vet class and i am looking forward to it very much. *It’ll mostly be on stuffed animals don’t worry and if anything we are looking or meeting the animals :)* I hope to become one and the animals deserve a second chance! I love animals! We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for them! I am a vegetarian and I wouldn’t have it any other way! <3


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