Rose Veterinary Hospital Canon City Veterinarian 719-275-1909

Rose Veterinary Hospital Canon City Veterinarian 719-275-1909

719-275-1909 Take a tour of our top line veterinary hospital offering the best Canon City, CO veterinary care for your dogs, cats, horses and more! Call for an appointment now! 719-275-1909

Rose Veterinary Hospital Pet Clinic Cat Dog Horse Veterinarian Canon City.

Rose Veterinary Hospital, Pam Rose DVM, Call the Best Pet Clinic, Cat Dog Horse/Equine Veterinarian in Canon City today. 1910 High Street, Canon City CO.

We treat you and your animals like part of

the family.

We don’t believe in the treat ’em and

street ’em mentality. We will give you

every option available for the care of your

animal, whether that keeps you in our care

or sends you to a specialist. You and your

animal are our priority and giving the best

care to your animal is what we do do best.

Call Mary now to make an appointment for

your pets and other animals large and

From your favorite Dogs and Cats to Horses,

Alpacas, Llamas, Sheep, Cows and more…

We’ll take care of your pets and animals!
Rose Veterinary Hospital Services

Rose Veterinary Hospital provides general healthcare, medicine and surgery for small and large animals.
Small Animal Surgery
Small and Large Animal Radiology
Reproductive Ultrasound
In-House Laboratory
Small and Large Animal Dentistry- Including Dental Radiographs
Emergency Service

Dr. Rose is on call to provide emergency care for patients. There are times when cell phone coverage in the area makes it impossible to receive calls when Dr. Rose is on an out-call. We will make every attempt to accommodate your after hours needs and if unable to do so we will provide appropriate referral for emergency care. In case of an after hours emergency please call Dr. Rose at the main office number,

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    If my pet needs blood work and xrays can you do that at your clinic or do you have to send them out? And is your place modern or old? I am looking for a new vet.


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